Deaf Power Movement is NOT my organization

Posted in Deaf Rights on May 24, 2010 by deafcivilrightsmovement

I’m back. I finally got in my website because I lost the password in other laptop even though I remembered password however it won’t let me in. So I have to reset the password.
I need someone who can do the captions on my vlogs. Contact me at Thank you.

Are Deaf Schools’ closing being discriminated?

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Are Deaf Schools’ closing being discriminated? Yes, I believe so.

Sorry, no captions in my video because I don’t know how. Sorry, no summarize here, either. This video tells all.

Misha, DCRM activist

Welcome to Deaf Civil Rights Movement website!

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Hello, everyone….

Welcome to this spanking new website! What do you think of this?

First order is we need to come up with logo for this. Any designs and ideas are welcome! Everyone can vote on it. Soon, I’ll probably set up the poll if I can find any, hahaha.

This website is still being worked on each time until it’s to our satisfaction.

We need your help, your ideas, feedback and anything. We always welcome them.

Contact us at


Deaf Civil Rights Movement